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Each workshop is designed to be completed in one-day or less. No fluff. Step-by-step guidance to transform your social media channels into donation streams.

How do the workshops work?

Each workshop consists of video lessons are that 5-10 minutes long max that you can complete on your own time with actionable worksheets to take what you learned in the video and implement with your nonprofit! My goal is for you to feel prepared, and confident to take your social media skills to the next level.
How do the workshops work?

Are these workshops for you?

If you're a nonprofit marketer looking to drive donations online, build innovative digital sponsorships, and create impactful virtual fundraising initiatives - these workshops are for you!

  • I spend hours searching online for updated social media best practices for nonprofits.

  • Our fundraising event has been canceled and need to find a digital alternative.

  • I'm trying to figure out how to provide value to our current sponsors digitally and build new relationships.

  • I want to create and publish engaging content for our online audience + figure out how to ask for donations.